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Complex environments require elegant solutions - we are experienced in designing and building systems that can function under extreme temperatures, explosive atmospheres (ATEX) and in remote locations

Our Products
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Our battery systems are based on an

inherently safe Li-ion chemistry and are scalable from low kWh to multi MWh. We work from low voltage to 1,000 VDC systems.

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Our inverters and converters include DC-AC and DC-DC from multi kW to multi MW. Our proprietary technology drives lower cost and smaller footprint systems 

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Leap is a diverse, multi-disciplinary and high performing team. 

Our focus on innovation, technology, and superlative engineering means we attract some of the brightest minds and most ambitious people out there.  

This means we have a fun, dynamic and highly engaging work 

environment underpinned by a clear vision and sense of purpose.  


We take particular care to encourage and support on-going self development for all. 

We believe in thoughtful action.  Our team innovate and work at the cutting edge of green tech whilst delivering real solutions to real problems.We are always keen to hear from outstanding graduates who have expertise in disciplines relevant to battery & power system technologies.


Please call us on +44 (0)1224 929010

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