QL Tech can design and build fully integrated battery systems for a wide range of applications including onshore and subsea. 


Highlights include:


ATEX capability for onshore and topside;

Can be paired with renewable power generation (wind and solar generators);

In-house low power battery management system ensures energy is reserved for core applications;

Subsea systems tested to 3,000m water depth;

Up to 200kW of peak power demonstrated, >1MW system in development.

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Battery Interface.png
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QL Tech have developed a range of inverters / Variable Frequency Drives for topside and subsea applications


Our subsea 20kW and 200kW versions have been successfully tested to 330bar / 3,000m depth equivalent


QL Tech has developed a concept for a novel DC to AC converter station 10x smaller than existing systems – this system can support:


Wind Turbines – lower cost inverters with drastically reduced weight, reducing wear on the turbine and lowering total cost of ownership;


Oil & Gas – enabling shore to platform power distribution, drastically reducing CO2



Our high torque electric motors are suitable for a wide range of applications including:



Valve Actuation;

Electric Traction Vehicles

These brushless geared motors are customisable and available in a wide range of gear ratios.  They can all be packaged for complex environments including subsea and hazardous environments (i.e. ATEX / IECEX)



QL Tech have deep experience across a wide range of commercially available pumps from <0.1 lpm to >4,500 lpm and across a broad range of media and viscocity


To support our subsea chemical injection systems, we have developed our own dual action piston pump.  This pump incorporates a novel head design to support a significantly increased MTTF

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The PowerCube is a novel battery driven hydraulic power unit which can augment or replace traditional accumulator based solutions with the following key benefits:


Energy density of the battery system is >2,000x that of accumulators resulting in significant space and weight savings

State of the art battery cells maximise safety providing full thermal and chemical stability

Variable displacement pumps with full and precise hydraulic control

Capable of operating at up to 5,800 PSI

System scalable (>1MW version under development)

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The PowerBank is a novel subsea chemical storage and injection system designed to be compatible with the full suite of flow assurance chemicals.   The system can drastically reduce umbilical related capex as well as offer the following benefits:


Reduced topside requirement – chemicals stored subsea

Local control - provide hydraulic functions close to or on the tree

Real time feedback – chemical and energy properties

Reliability – significantly increased MTTF through QL Tech's proprietary pump technology