The PowerCube is a novel battery driven hydraulic power unit which can augment or replace traditional accumulator based solutions with the following key benefits:


  • Energy density of the battery system is c.2,000x that of accumulators resulting in significant space and weight savings

  • State of the art battery cells maximise safety providing full thermal and chemical stability

  • Variable displacement pumps with full and precise hydraulic control

  • Capable of operating at up to 5,800 PSI

  • System can be stacked or distributed to meet space requirements offering flexibility of configuration

  • Multiple cubes can be combined providing scalability of redundancy and power


The PowerBank is a novel closed loop hydraulic chemical injection system that enables:

  • Hydraulic functions to be powered close to or on the X-tree; and


  • Flow assurance chemicals to be stored and injected locally at the X-tree


By providing power close to the X-Tree, the PowerBank allows for a reduction in the number of hydraulic lines required in the umbilical, therefore drastically reducing umbilical cost

The system comprises:

  • Subsea fluid storage unit


  • Pumping module for chemicals and hydraulic fluid (up to 8 independent pump units)

  • ROV handling allows for ease of maintenance

Subsea Battery Systems

QL Tech has developed a modular scalable subsea battery system which can be tailored for a variety of applications - both with in drilling and production.

Using state of the art lithium ion technology, our systems are able to pack high power into a low footprint and weight.

The battery assemblies feature an in-house high reliability battery management system so are suitable for mission critical applications.

Assemblies can be provided with or without QL Tech's in-house designed inverter / motor controller which is rated for up to 200kW.

A smaller 15-20kW inverter is currently in development.


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